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‘grey zone processes’

Back to the subject of “AdHoc Processes”.

How should those ‘grey zone’ processes be enacted ?

There is this idea of an eval loop. This would put participants in two categories : ‘actors’ and ‘reactors’. Actors would be able to directly feed a segment of process definition to the eval loop while reactor would just react (to the process segment being evaluated). As soon as a segment evaluation terminates, the process falls back in the ‘eval loop’.

adhoc process processingA drawing being better than thousand words…

This small diagram tries to summarize the idea, with the action and the reaction phases.

For the ‘actor’ use case, a tight integration between the worklist client and the process designer is necessary, as you have to pick a process segment to be evaluated or, at least, design one (with Droflo eventually).

It should be possible to allow users (actors) to compose simple process segments with an in-browser tool. Those segments would get evaluated as soon as the user hit proceed.
Of course, an actor could be a ‘reactor’ during the evaluation of a process segment.

Now the next point will be about discussing how to log such processes, in order to discover patterns that could be turned into more ‘static’ process definitions.

(that’s a cryptic post…)

Written by John Mettraux

March 13, 2006 at 9:19 pm

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