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I’ve uploaded OpenWFE 1.7.0pre3 jars.

It mainly features a <sleep> expression with an ‘until’ attribute that accepts various date formats. Previously it accepted only ISO 8601 formatted dates.
This feature was requested by the team integrating OpenWFE within the Magnolia CMS, a page or a set of page can thus get activated/published by the embedded OpenWFE at a certain point in time.

The move to subversion is a success. It allowed to rename lots of things very easily (without having to post support requests to the team).

I’m now working on making OpenWFE available through Maven. Again, the motivation is the integration within Magnolia which heavily uses Maven.

Another step in the short term will be the extraction of the participant-map parsing facility to an implementation of a ParticipantMapFactory. This was requested by Lukas, who is currently working on his master project : an OpenWFE IDE based on Eclipse RCP.

Written by John Mettraux

April 13, 2006 at 9:21 pm

Posted in magnolia, openwfe, oss

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