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CompositeParticipantMap (2)

Of course, after a bit of coding the initial plan changed a bit.

pmap redux (2)That’s now how it looks (how it’s been implemented).

A thing is missing from this diagram : the fact that the abstract factory and the abstract participant map both extend AbstractService. The factories are though still usable ‘standalone’ (without / outside of the OpenWFE infrastructure) as requested by Lukas.

participantMap reduxThis is a screenshoot of the engine configuration file (engine-configuration.xml).

The XmlParticipantMap service has been supplanted by the CompositeParticipantMap which requires one or more ParticipantMapFactory services to populate itself with participants. The LdapParticipantMapFactory will soon be implemented based on Filipp Defoort’s LdapParticipantMap.

(XmlParticipantMap has been kept for immediate backward compability, but it’s been flagged as ‘deprecated’)

Written by John Mettraux

April 17, 2006 at 1:26 pm

Posted in dev, openwfe

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