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1.7.0pre6 and Optaros newsletter

OpenWFE 1.7.0pre6 is available for download.

The main goal was to fix the .bat files required for starting OpenWFE standalone on Windows. This effort lead to lots of simplification in the policy files our workflow suite uses (it plays, by default, by the JAAS rules).

It ran nicely in my VMware XP (on top of my Debian GNU/Linux environment).

There is still work until a final 1.7.0, as a few patches were submitted and a few bugs have to be eliminated, but this is not a huge task. Shortly after the 1.7.0 release, most connectors will be updated, except for OpenWFE-perl and OpenWFE-php which are, unfortunately, not currently maintained.
If someone is interested is taking over the maintenance of one of those projects, he should feel free to contact me.

Another piece of news : Optaros Europe issued its latest newsletter (in german), it contains a fair report about OpenWFE (as we have an alliance).

I’m looking forward seeing the evolution of Optaros, how they will position themselves between customers, the open source community and the professional open source companies.

They have one foot in the US and one in Europe (customers /\ community ?) and they just opened a near-shoring outpost in Romania. Eastern Europe is full of talented people, that’ll bring them lots of potential. The US side should maybe think about another outpost for near-shoring somewhere in Latin America. Brazil seems to be the place.
(Maybe they’ll think about Costa Rica and I’ll beg for a job there ;-) )

Written by John Mettraux

April 20, 2006 at 7:48 pm

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