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I have been a newbie, I will be a newbie. I behaved like a complete newbie, I hope I will never behave like a complete newbie again, just like a regular newbie.
Silence and/or acid replies shaped me out of the ‘complete newbie’ status.

On my project web site, there is this page named “Important Reads“. I redirect people on the forums there from time to time.
On which occasion do I do that ? When I feel that it’s a waste of time trying to explain anything to the person requesting help on the forum.

I love to play go, when a group of stone is dead, don’t waste energy (moves / stones) on it.

Gmane also put up a nice page : “Contacting Gmane“, I’ll take inspiration from it to enhance my “Forums and List” page.

There are people wasting other’s people time on these forums. Sometimes I think, hey, he took the time to evaluate my software, he deserves some help… some help, not unlimited help.
It’s free and open source software, it’s somehow easier to evaluate than closed source software (or anything that you might dub as ‘community edition’ and fill forms to download / join the ‘community’).

This is just blahblah, I’d better get back blogging about workflow and other bpm niceties.

Ah, just a link before vanishing : “Everyone wants to ‘own’ your PC” by Bruce Schneier. I really like the conclusion of this (short) article.

Written by John Mettraux

May 5, 2006 at 3:32 pm

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