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Lukas’ OpenWFE IDE : second pre-release

Lukas [pre-]released his OpenWFE IDE for the second time yesterday.

It’s a very promising IDE, it’s based on Eclipse and currently, is unfortunately only available as a ‘windows binary’, (but there goes the source).

I’m very happy with Lukas’ work. This time I convinced the student to upload his work within OpenWFE source repository and to use trackers and the mailing lists. I should have done that sooner with the previous students I had.

Unfortunately, it will certainly be my last project at the EPFL as I’m leaving this place. I’m having two job interviews next week. I’m focusing on leaving Switzerland.

I’ll have to think about a student project proposal though, maybe something that I can remotely manage, it’s open [and distributed] source after all.
Maybe, a project extension could consist in tying an embedded OpenWFE within the IDE to simulate newly designed or reengineered process definitions.

Lukas’ IDE is available from the Download page.

Your feedback is welcome.

Written by John Mettraux

June 2, 2006 at 9:42 pm

Posted in blahblah, dev, openwfe, workflow

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