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googling for “marketing strategy OpenWFE”

I just had a look at OpenWFE‘s webserver logs. It’s always interesting and instructive. I was a bit surprised this morning to see that a concurrent (or someone in his organization) had googled for “marketing strategy +OpenWFE”.

Whoah, if they want to find it, they’d better fund it !

What puzzles me even more, is that this ‘concurrent’ is academic. Why should they care about OpenWFE ? They’ve got their own reputation (which is good) and I assume they’re faring well, at least being academic, they should be flying well, ‘over the melee’.
Why do I call them a ‘concurrent’ ? Perhaps because I learnt this week that they took over a ‘workflow spot’. That spot had previous links with them, no shame; and that spot didn’t contribute back in any way to OpenWFE, no loss.

The googling hit is certainly coming from one of their undergrads, doing a ‘market survey’ for them. It’s an interesting search string…

The OpenWFE [marketing] strategy is :

* build a useful workflow / bpm tool
* use it and help people using it
* have fun

The last point has a significant impact on the quality of the tool, hopefully.

Written by John Mettraux

June 4, 2006 at 6:41 am

Posted in blahblah, meta, oss

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