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I spent my whole day tweaking the decision tables system for a pharma customer. The decision tables are used there as some kind of ‘expert system’, advising human participants on what to do. The human has the last word for now.

Something like :

    <participant ref="prepare-decision" />
    <participant ref="human-participant" />

The ‘prepare-decision’ applies the rules in the tables to present a workitem pre-filled for human approbation/modification.

The knowledge of the human participant has been captured within those decision tables that he augments iteratively. Could finally the decision table participant supplant the human participant ? At least it will help the human replacements / successors of the human participant. The table itself (mainly its Excel version) will as well be a valuable item in their company knowledge landscape.

I was discussing with Boris about those decision tables. He felt a bit concerned that they were something outside the process definitions. Why not embedding them (some of them) within their process definition ? It’s certainly an idea to investigate, but as participants they make lots of sense : they can be reused among many process definitions.

Pharma WFE ? No “c1al1s” spam intended.

Written by John Mettraux

June 7, 2006 at 9:49 pm

Posted in bpm, openwfe, rules, workflow

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