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process engineering

(as opposed to software engineering)

When I was taught programmation, it was about extending the language at hand so that slowly, it became some kind of ‘domain language’. At the beginning the domain was about ‘stacks’ or ‘rational numbers’, but all stacked up into domains like ‘bank accounts’, or ‘online jukebox’ and so on (perhaps ‘scope’ would be a better term than ‘domain’ here, on the other hand I could have said ‘maths’ instead of ‘rational numbers’).

OpenWFE aims to provide an extensible process definition language. A self-extensible process definition language.
It looks a lot like a functional programming language, and it is : it’s some kind of Lisp dialect.

I’ve spent a few days refactoring the business processes of a customer. It’s great to sometimes get out of your self-micro-world to encounter people with their challenges.
After the refactoring, we were able to <send-report-to-pc language=”german”/>, one line in the process definition, something very readable and reusable, instead of the previous 5 lines.

We just highered the abstraction level, like a software engineer does everyday, extending his favourite language.
But we were [re]engineering processes not software.

Written by John Mettraux

June 20, 2006 at 11:29 am

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