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More APRE doc

I got a request for more documentation about the APRE and its automatic participants. Done.

Automatic participants are just one way of having participants that are not ‘human-driven’. Custom participants or hooks are valid tools too.
openwfe-ruby contains a listen/dispatch pair making it easy to write OpenWFE driven ruby components.

A remark : an automatic participant implementation could also be used to fill a human inbox with workitems… Anyway, a nice thing about the participant map mechanism is that it totally isolates the engine from the participants’ implementations (they may even be thought of as services…)

I added a cancelFlow method to the engine’s control interface. It was requested by Nicolas who is implementing an approval workflow within Magnolia. Nicolas is keeping track of the workflow instance associated to a document being approved by simply storing the workflow instance id as one of the doc attributes.
He will be able to call the cancelFlow method directly with the wfid as a param. Magnolia embeds OpenWFE for its approval workflows (but of course, for the curious and the ambitious the door is wide open for other kind of business processes, and what a nice platform Magnolia is for building web applications).

I plan on releasing OpenWFE 1.7.1 this week.

This release will contain a tightened <concurrence/> implementation, resulting from Sebastian’s extensive feedback.

Many thanks to Anthony who already volunteered as an OpenWFE on Solaris + OSX tester.

Written by John Mettraux

July 2, 2006 at 9:24 pm

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