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BPM inside

…versus BPM-driven (BPM outside) ?

There are basically two kind of people interested in BPM : developers and business analysts. That’s a simplification, true, but it’s OK for the restricted context of this post.

These two sets of people have different vantage points but may (should) share common interests.

There are people talking about BPM inside and other people talking about BPM outside.

The BPM inside talk seems about developing an application leveraging an embedded process engine. BPM outside cares about business processes that are not tied to one particular application but span the whole company (or even the whole scope of the organization’s activities).

Could we assert that BPM inside talks to developers whereas BPM outside is for business analysts ?
Can BPM inside understand BPM outside and vice versa ?

I’m personally more attracted to the BPM outside view, even if I’m a developer. The BPM inside ‘school’ constitutes perhaps a decent training for developers, already moving from the step ‘process is hardcoded into the application’ towards the ‘I’ve got a workflow engine embedded within my application, it’s more flexible’ step.
The developer might then be ready for the BPM outside ‘the process engine drives it all’ attitude.

BPM outside (BPM driven ?) is way more flexible, let’s weave those services into processes.

But well, the business analyst might already have been BPEL brainwashed meanwhile.

Written by John Mettraux

July 5, 2006 at 3:47 pm

Posted in bpm, bpms, workflow

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