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A chapter on distributing OpenWFE

I’ve written the beginning of a chapter on distributing OpenWFE.

The chapter just talks about the ‘how’, not the ‘why’ and it doesn’t talk about distribution criteria. It might be interesting to write about such criteria (balancing load among engines, outsourcing process execution to external engines, pushing a process segment were its execution will be the most performant,…).

The second section is on ‘pushing process segments to remote engine’, but the security aspects of this ‘mobile code’ thing aren’t yet discussed there.

As I’m writing about distributing OpenWFE, I would like to thank Dong Hun Kang, a student of who made it the subject of his master thesis in computer science (as he visited
OpenWFE evolved a lot since Dong Hun work, but lots of (distributed) ideas that made it into OpenWFE were born as I collaborated with him.

I noticed that today, someone reached OpenWFE by googling for “openwfe cluster“. That’ll be for another blog post…

Written by John Mettraux

July 6, 2006 at 9:25 pm

Posted in distributed, openwfe

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