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My goal is to release OpenWFE 1.7.1 this week. Meanwhile, I prepared a 1.7.1pre13.

This pre-release contains a certain number of bug fixes. Among them is the ‘white space’ bug, people installing OpenWFE on windows tended to install it under ‘Program Files’, and OpenWFE didn’t like white spaces in paths and the suite did not work. This has been fixed.
OpenWFE 1.7.1pre13 is available for download.

OpenWFE-dotnet got its pre-release too. It contains fixes for bugs spotted by Jeff Tucker as well as a few utility (static) methods in the class ‘MapAttribute’.

The new OpenWFE ‘gwebclient’ has been bundled in OpenWFE 1.7.1pre13. To have a look at it, instead of browsing to http://localhost:7080/webclient, you have to got to http://localhost:7080/gwebclient/ and then navigate to GwcApplication.html in the tree.
The source is there.
It’s not yet fully functional, the goal wasn’t to release something that is complete but something where the foundations are ready. It may interest someone. Feedback is welcome.

Many thanks to Oli and Tegg for offering me the 1st three volumes of MegaTokyo !

Written by John Mettraux

July 9, 2006 at 9:03 am

Posted in openwfe, workflow

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