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OpenWFE 1.7.1 released

So what’s OpenWFE 1.7.1 about ?

It includes decision tables, the generic user feature, the forget and the lose expressions and many bugfixes. Too many links.

As already written in this blog, the concurrence expression implementation got tightened. It got issues with children branches replying too fast. That was reported by users and was promptly located and fixed.

What will OpenWFE 1.7.2 be about ?

The ‘gwebclient’ will certainly move to the ‘beta’ state. As soon as it gets decent, I’ll add it to the demo site. Talking about ‘decency’ some help on its CSS would be welcome. A gdroflo will certainly surface but not for the 1.7.2.

The webservice invoker (which maps a webservice to a process participant) will get enhanced with better fault handling.

I’ll refresh a bit the code determining the workflow instance ids to make sure tracking a process among its various children gets easier. Enabling the users/integrators to provide their own workflow instances ids is a must.

Written by John Mettraux

July 17, 2006 at 8:20 pm

Posted in bpms, openwfe, workflow

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