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scripting languages for testing

I need a scripting language for testing an application at a high level (the highest level would be with a GUI robot, but I don’t have the time).

For OpenWFE, Jython was used within ‘droflo’ and the ‘webclient’ to implement quick (and dirty sometimes) web controls. It is great for speeding up development on top of Java. Unfortunately, Jython was a bit asleep for a while, but they’ve put up a 2.2 alpha release, that’s good news, this project deserve to be kept alive (I have to say it has always worked just fine, never had to post any bug report for it).

These days, like many developers, I’m tinkering with Ruby, it’s refreshing and performs as expected, as much pleasure and joy as with Scheme.

I just had a quick glance at JRuby. Unlike Jython (and if I understood their ‘limitations.html’ well), you can’t currently implement/extend java classes in JRuby and call them in Java. It’s possible with Jython. The JRuby guys say it shouldn’t be long before this capability is made available.
I don’t need that peculiar feature for the current project development, I just need to quickly ‘run the last mile’ and put up my tests in pseudo-Java (well in fine Ruby).

I will use JRuby for this application testing. I’ll certainly find usages for it within OpenWFE too.

As a final note : OpenWFE uses vanilla Python and Ruby in its test suite. Scripting languages are great tools for building tests around less dynamic languages.

Written by John Mettraux

August 2, 2006 at 8:08 pm

Posted in dev, openwfe, python, ruby

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