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dispatching workitems

There’s a new implementation on the workitem dispatchment front : HttpDispatcher.
Its task is to POST workitems over HTTP.

Basically, OpenWFE uses a dispatcher and its listener counterpart to transmit workitems between the engine and the process participants (and back). In this ecology, the engine itself is a participant and registered as such, like the other participants, in a shared participant map (in the ‘directory’ sense).

There are currently various dispatching implementations : by dumping files, over simple TCP sockets, over SMTP and HTTP and a new dispatch/listen pair is under work, I’ll blog about it in the following days.

I once felt the need to integrate OpenWFE within a JBI implementation. Fitting OpenWFE within such a piece of code would have granted the engine dispatchers and listeners at will, but, well, this JBI thing isn’t intuitive, and this open source workflow/BPM engine is written in Java but not Java driven. Maybe someone else will feel the need and motivation for such an integration.
(Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems).

Written by John Mettraux

August 11, 2006 at 6:09 pm

Posted in openwfe, technical, workflow

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