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the time dimension

Yes, we had pizza for lunch with Boris, see his blog post about the “workflow state of mind“.

A long running, monolithic, process definition may turn into something painful.

With modular programming, one can change pieces of an application. For a business process embedded within that application, stopping it, swapping the part and restarting it is not difficult.

A process engine ‘hosts’ potentially more than one business process, the modularity is still present, in two forms : subprocesses may be changed as well as participants (services).

What happens when one changes a core process and one of its subprocesses as an old revision of the core process still relies on the old version of the subprocess ? That may break those old core processes.

With a bit of discipline and foreseeing, those situations may be avoided, that’s what Boris called the “workflow state of mind”.

Written by John Mettraux

August 22, 2006 at 8:45 pm

Posted in bpm, openwfe, workflow

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