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maven2 and properties

Bumped into a showstopper, Nicolas was trying to define a ‘magnolia.version’ in Magnolia‘s top pom.xml while I was doing the same for OpenWFE.

At first, Maven2 was promising, but I couldn’t get it to package/assemble OpenWFE for me (I can still rely on Ant for that though), that’s minor.

I really need that ${openwfe.version} trick to work, it would save me lots of time. I ended up doing

mvn -Dopenwfe.version=1.7.2pre7 install

(actually, I aliased ‘mvn’ to ‘mvn -Dopenwfe.version=$OPENWFE_VERSION’).

Fabrizio told me I could use

mvn release:prepare

to “end up with all the pom updated, committed and svn tagged”. I like the ‘pom updated’ part but for the rest, I don’t like having Maven between me and the Subversion command line. I’ll investigate this ‘release’ plugin (the documentation seems a bit lagging, hopefully mailing lists will help). I could probably avoid defining a SCM in the poms and thus avoid having Maven attempting at committing stuff for me.

I prefer the ‘change the version in the top-level file’, it feels more ‘natural’ to me, less ‘surprising’. But let’s adapt a bit.

Written by John Mettraux

August 29, 2006 at 11:32 pm

Posted in technical

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