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building OpenWFE from scratch

Now that OpenWFE is almost fully ‘mavenized’, I thought that it’d be time for an explanation on how to build it from scratch (from SVN).

At the time of this writing, some parts of OpenWFE like ‘droflo’ are not yet fully buildable with Maven. It should get fixed within one week.

This blog post will be the base for a regular piece of documentation on how to build OpenWFE.

I like Maven2 a lot, it saves a lot of time and it’s comforting to have OpenWFE’s code laid out in a ‘standard’ way.

* Prerequisites

A JDK 1.4.x, an svn client and a running installation of Maven2.

The subversion (svn) checkout being performed against repository, their documentation might be helpful.

This post assumes you’re doing the check out and the other operations from the command line.

* Checking out

svn co

It will download locally the OpenWFE Java tree.

* Initial build attempt

cd openwfe
mvn install

It will complain about some missing jars…

* Missing jars

Your first build attempt will certainly yield some error messages related to missing semi-proprietary jars like uddi.jar or jdbc-stdext.jar. Fortunately, Maven will tell you where and how you can add those jars to your local Maven repository, just read and follow the displayed information carefully.

* Building an OpenWFE release

Once your OpenWFE build is successful, you can think about packaging a standalone OpenWFE release. Just get to openwfe/openwfe-release/ and run



mvn clean assembly:assembly

At the end of that run, a freshly assembled OpenWFE release will sit in the target/ subdirectory.

* questions

If you have questions about this short blog post, you can post them on OpenWFE’s help forum.

Written by John Mettraux

September 4, 2006 at 6:40 am

Posted in openwfe, technical

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