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find based tools

find” is one of the most useful program/command in a unix[-like] environment.

I wrote two small shell scripts based on it.

vf stands for “Vi[m] Find”, you type

vf '*'

and it will open in your editor ($EDITOR) the first file ending with “” that it’ll find in the current tree (the current dir and its subdirs, recursively).

fijar stands for “Find In JAR”. You can type

fijar 'Servlet'

and it will scan all the jars in the current directory to list the ones with files whose name contain the ‘Servlet’ string. If you add the ‘-r’ option, it will search in all the jars in the current directory and in the subdirs, recursively.

Just thought it might interest some hardcore command line coders. I’ll try to add more of my scripts there :

After a discussion with my colleague Alain Hoang, I release those two scripts under the MIT License, which is very close to ‘public domain’. Thanks for the hint Alain.

Written by John Mettraux

September 28, 2006 at 4:14 am

Posted in dev, java, shell, technical

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