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You should really add Matt Asay to your feedreader. He provides a great insight on commercial open source sales.

His last post feels really subversive though :

With open source, we put the code on Sourceforge and the seeds (opportunities) come to us, download it, and do the planting themselves. We then proactively work on extending our footprint within a company through our initial champions within the customer.

Are they piggybacking open source ‘exchange places’ ? Open source as a tool, not an ideal. This quote is scary. But let’s remember that it’s about ‘osb’ : “open source business”, though Matt continuously drops the “business” word. His posts are not targetted at developers, they’re targetted at VCs and white collars, it’s about self-conviction, persuasion, sales. It’s not for the peones.

Remotely, that reminds me of Marc Fleury controversial post about “professional open source“.

The JBoss model isn’t that bad : they pay developers to continue working on the project / set of projects that is the subject of their passion.
But I’d like to meet a developer that got hired by a VC-backed company to specifically join a pseudo open source project. I’d like to challenge his level of ‘passion’.

This whole thing also reminds me of the people complaining on the mailing list of another open source project that I’m interested in : they complained because they felt the company behind the project was making it too commercial, they wanted some Apache-like “community lead”. They should change target.

Written by John Mettraux

October 3, 2006 at 12:53 am

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