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A participant for OpenWFE is a participant to a [business] process. It may be a human participant or an automatic participant (a webservice, an agent, …).

You ‘invoke’ it by writing something like.

<participant ref="publisher" />

A very important concept for participants are timeouts, if you’d like to allow 3 days and half to the ‘publisher’ participant for him to reply you can write :

<participant ref="publisher" timeout="3d12h" />

Out of the box, the default timeout for participants is “7d”, seven days. Of course, this is configurable.

Later versions of OpenWFE will feature an extended ‘time and duration’ language, in order to be able to tell the engine things like “timeout is set to 4 open days” or “timeout is set to 2 days, at 14:00”.

Until version 1.7.2pre17, timeout was enforced by a ‘daemon’ inside of the engine. Meaning that from time to time, this daemon woke up and check expressions (pieces of process instances) to trigger the ones that were timed out.
This daemon got removed from version 1.7.2pre17. Expressions with timeout now rely on the OpenWFE scheduler, as the <when>, the <cron> and the <sleep> expressions do.
This makes for an ever slimmer OpenWFE.

I’m studying the possibility of having timeouts for subprocesses. That should be part of OpenWFE 1.7.3.

Written by John Mettraux

October 18, 2006 at 1:42 am

Posted in bpm, openwfe, workflow

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