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Mano’s tracker

Mano sent me a message the other day on OpenWFEru users mailing list.

Currently am developing a rails based web application and would like to use
openwferu. And in this regard I would like some help.

The features of the application:

There are 3 types of users in the system.
1. Admin user: The one who creates other users and also uploads the workflow
templates. This user does not take part in the workflow though.
2. A Business Analyst (BA) instantiates a request for a new creative (gif,
png, flash animation etc). He does this by logging into the web application
and submitting a form.
3. When a Designer logs into the web app, she will see all requests queued
for her action. She then does the creative, uploads it into the web
4. After step 3 the BA sees in his browser that the request has been
handled. He then checks if it matches the request and closes the request.
Else it gets iterated till it meets requirements.

Basically, an issue tracker!

As I need examples for OpenWFEru, I went on and implemented an initial stub for him.

It’s an amply commented snip of code featuring the initial basic implementation of a workitem store. It’s called a HashParticipant, it just stores workitem for manipulation by the embedding program and features a save() and a proceed() methods.

The next step for this HashParticipant will be add persistence for it (this example is memory only). Then, Mano’ll have to fit that into his Ruby on Rails application.

More examples there.

Written by John Mettraux

February 1, 2007 at 5:56 am

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