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Mixed threads of thought :

I was a bit verbose, I told my brother that ruby quizzes were the sudoku of Ruby developers.

Ruby and sudoku, then, via reddit, I came across this post by Eli about sudoku as SAT problems :

When sudoku became popular, I solved a few and quickly reached a conclusion that I don’t find these puzzles interesting. The solution process just felt too mechanic

He went on solving sudoku in a very interesting way…
The computer has to do the repetitive work. We all write programs to solve sudoku, but what about generating them ?

Is this number a prime ?
Please generate me the list of primes between 1 and 1000

Bad parallel, a is used by b.

Catalog of openings.

And I can’t find a link to an article detailing the usage of the first computers for generating logarithm tables…

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April 8, 2007 at 11:26 am

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