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Scrum according to Emerson

ninjava_aprilYesterday evening, Emerson Mills talked about “Scrum according to me (how scrum saved my personal life)” at the last Ninjava meeting.

Here’s a Wikipedia link to Scrum (Pick your favourite, maybe limit your choice to the first three items in the list there, oh, Snap does limit itself to Rugby).

I was busy polishing a test suite while he was talking, so my attention wasn’t 100% (gomen), but here are a few fragments I gleaned :

– interruptions are bad, they ruin focus and delay projects
– put the team in the same, open, space. No [head]phones allowed
– split sprint goal into tasks, task go on a post
– a sprint is some kind of iteration (2-3 week)
– someone picks the post-it, write his name on it with a time estimate
– “post-it are cheap, their learning curve is nil, there is no license for using them”
– managers shouldn’t bother developers, if they want to know the status of the project, they look at the post-it board
– once per month a day is dedicated to demos (status demos ?), managers do attend. Bring beer and junk food
– getting better at time estimation, task after task
– be flexible

about stand-up meetings :

– stand-up meetings seem to originate from Japan
– first thing in the morning
– managers attend, but only devs speak
– make them short
– if you have a free-spirited dev willing to develop from home, it’s OK as long as he shows up to the meeting (same, open, space ?)

The discussion that followed was rather intense and included things like :

– new projects or maintenances ?
– XP and Scrum
– pair programming means real-time code review
– sales and management people ‘observe’ the process, they give goals, but not time goals
– is pair programming protecting the pair from interruptions or actually just diluting them ?
– what about open source programming and scrum ?
– what about teams having to multitask on legacy maintenances ?

Zev had to interrupt the discussion at 10pm (damn managers, interrupting again) to let the crowd have an opportunity for beer and food in a restaurant.

There were many things said and ideas exchange, can’t relate everything here… An excellent Scrum evangelism session by Emerson, and not a slight scent of dogma, ideal.

Thanks a ton to Cerego for hosting the meeting. The next one will be in June probably.

Update : the PDF of Emerson’s talk is now available.

Written by John Mettraux

April 20, 2007 at 3:59 am

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