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I’ve been playing with that idea for a while. Participants in business processes are just channels, workitems are just messages.

OpenWFEru 0.9.11 will add a new ‘listen’ expression, for listening to those channels (instead of simply emitting messages to them).

listening to participant "alpha"

Listening to participant ‘alpha’, notifying participants ‘bravo’ and ‘charly’ with a copy of the next workitem dispatched to ‘alpha’.

Switching to a Ruby process definition, it feels lighter…

listening to participant "alpha" (specific customer)

This time, participants bravo and charly are interested by a copy of the next workitem coming back from participant alpha concerning customer “Acme”.

The scope of this listen expression is not limited to a single process instance, it thus opens up easy (looser ?) correlation points among process instances. Possibilities are for another blog post.

It should have been part of OpenWFE[ru] sooner, but I never could make up my mind on how to do it right (a little bit).

There are more options, they are documented in the expressions documentation page.

Written by John Mettraux

May 29, 2007 at 10:37 am

Posted in bpm, openwfe, openwferu, workflow

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