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2 weeks ago, at the RubyKaigi, I was lucky enough to meet Matz-san (the father of Ruby), Sasada Koichi, Dave Thomas, Tim Bray, Thomas Enebo and Charles Nutter, and so many great japanese Ruby aficionados, so many business cards (and many respect).

This week, focus on BPM and Workflow; I met Ismael Ghalimi and Jacques-Alexandre Gerber of Intalio.

Ismael and Jacques presented their ideal and their implementation of BPM 2.0. They were and are audacious, they have experience and endurance; they can, without shame, use the term “leader” when it comes to Business Process Management.

Ismael also talked briefly about his vision of “Enterprise 2.0 = BPM 2.0 + Office 2.0”. I’m looking forward seeing their implication in the “BPM on demand” field. Office 2.0 applications as emerging points of a bigger BPM 2.0 drive.

I particularly liked the BPMS implementation cases and their “lessons learnt” points.

Intalio demand driven development (d3) was discussed as well, Jacques highlighted the fact that software artifacts demanded via d3 and produced were also maintained, that’s so important.

I have to say that I’m not a fan of BPEL, I think it’s biased towards SOAP services. They’re talking about making it REST aware, I really hope they won’t push any hideous WADL complementing WSDL. Essence to Dogma, bad.

Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to talk to Wakizaka-san. Meet you next time !

This Enterprise 2.0 seminar was organized by Sawada-san (thanks a ton !).

Written by John Mettraux

June 27, 2007 at 2:38 am

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