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I was in YouTubeYa yesterday evening for the monthly Ninjava meeting. YouTubeYa ?

Oliver Reichenstein, a Swiss migrated to Japan, turned the classical Tokyo Metro map into a Web Trend Map.

On that map, Shibuya, the center for youth and crazy culture in Tokyo is where YouTube got placed. By the way, there is no website assimilated to Akihabara (“too crazy” Oliver said).

I first knew about Oliver’s company via this Labnotes’ blog post highlighting The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard, and then Peter from the Ninjava group announced that Oliver was going to talk about web site design at the Ninjava meeting, great !
Programmers listen to Designer.

Oliver’s presentation focused on the Easy-2-Read standard, go read it if you have to present information via the web.

Lots of questions were fired at Oliver, he had presented with passion, he replied with passion, exposing his experience and beliefs. Lots of questions revolved around the differences between western and eastern presentation of information.

Oliver studied philosophy in Paris and then was attracted to information architecture and design. He made the move from Zurich to Tokyo a few years ago. He and the team he built here are quite successful (and it won’t stop, 80K hits on the Web Trend Map the day before the presentation).

There are two things I learnt yesterday : we may free ourselves from the screen constraints we inherited from the 80s and still honour, and we have to step back when considering what we are writing and how we are presenting it.
And “web design is 95% typography” too.

Thanks to Peter and Zev for inviting Oliver to talk at Ninjava !

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July 27, 2007 at 12:28 am

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  1. other map based on the websites world classification carried out by Alexa and ComScore. The websites traffic is correlated with the surface of the countries:


    August 9, 2007 at 9:43 am

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