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My friends at Optaros have started an enterprise open source directory.

Last year, they had released an open source catalog, as a PDF document, this year, they went far below and are delivering this online directory.

One interesting feature is the request for advice forum, could be good for requesting “meta” help about enterprise-oriented open source software. Not much messages for now, but it seems Optaros has enough experienced staff to handle a heavy question load.

There are already other open source software directories (for example, freshmeat), the EOS Directory brings in study cases and reviews, they try to bring meat around the bones.

I have to say that my current favourite is Ohloh ; a mix between Ohloh and the EOS directory could be good.

Ohloh is more about project metrics and is less enterprisey, whereas the EOS attempts to blend Optaros’ reviews with user generated ones. Ohloh seems to be a company on its own, while for Optaros, their directory is just a tool for showcasing their consultancy work.

I wish them success (please take inspiration or ally with Ohloh).

Once the openwferu on rails is ready (beta), I’ll ask for inclusion in the EOS directory.

Written by John Mettraux

September 3, 2007 at 2:21 pm

Posted in opensource

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