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had to release 0.9.15

Just got this mail from Leo :

I had the same issue with ../openwfe-ruby/lib/openwfe/storage/
yamlextras.rb, where the storage/yamlextras.rb was missing from the
gem’s contents, so I decided to have a further look…


I found that the issue was related to line 52 (see below) which
excludes files/directories containing “extras” in the name.

50 files = FileList[ “{bin,docs,lib,test,examples}/**/*” ]
51 files.exclude “rdoc”
52 files.exclude “extras”
53 s.files = files.to_a

When I commented out line 52, built the gem and installed it, the
issue was resolved, that is, the gem now had the file storage/

I hope this helps.

Yes, this helps ! Thanks a ton Leo.

I immediately released the 0.9.15 so that further installs via ‘gem’ don’t run into this issue.

One more lesson learnt. Still many to come.

Written by John Mettraux

September 23, 2007 at 3:35 pm

Posted in openwferu, rake

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