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Dimitar’s Blog

New source of tech content on the horizon : Dimitar’s blog. Great humour and great insights, I’m looking forward to his future posts.

An excerpt from Build Tools :

The benefit that he tried to put forward weren’t very convincing either: “you can build from the command line!” – countered by “and why would you want to do that?” or “people that don’t use Visual Studio can build the project”, retorted by “are you crazy? Everybody uses Visual Studio.” well, that guy was actually using VI… I think he didn’t last very long there.

Dimitar is a fellow TLUGer and NinJava. We had the Ninjava year end party yesterday evening at Shibuya, subjects included bytecode obfuscation, couchdb, rails 2.0 rc2, densha de go, industrial switches, using aop to adapt to new display device sizes, and more…

Great people, fine communities and nice read

Written by John Mettraux

November 30, 2007 at 8:28 am

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