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rufus-scheduler goes to the confs

The rufus-scheduler is a spin off of ruote, a workflow and BPM engine dearly needs a scheduler, for timeouts or simply for triggering an activity at the right time. Rufus-scheduler is the chronograph of ruote.

Rufus-scheduler alone, as a ruby gem, has a wider audience than ruote has. It even goes to conferences.

I should have written about it sooner, but Tomek Stachewicz talked about it in its Euroko2008 talk “Sharing The Load“. Sorry Tomek, I wrote a scheduler but I’m late on this one.

On the 5th of september, Mike Subelsky talked about “Ruby in the Cloud” at the Lone Star Ruby Conference 2008.

Thanks a ton guys !

Written by John Mettraux

September 8, 2008 at 12:37 am

Posted in ruby, rufus, scheduling

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