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ruote nov2008 status

In a few paragraphs, lots of links about the status of Ruote (OpenWFEru), my/our open source ruby workflow engine.

But at first, a must-read : BPM is not software engineering, excellent post by Keith Swenson. I interpret it as a call for humility.

Diego Moreno Naharro, a PhD student at the Universidad Politechnica de Madrid recently presented about Workflows on Rails (spanish). His presentation takes the broad view, it especially starts by discussing “act_as_a_state_machine” which, along with its descendants, is a great Rails plugin for resource lifecycle handling. The presentation then goes on to show how Diego and his team leveraged AtomPub and Ruote to build their workflow solution.

On the Ruote mailing list, Diego announced that his research group intended to continue this effort and to develop various Flex based editors for their solution. I’m looking forward tracking this work.

I’ve been supporting Kenneth Kalmer as he implemented a JabberParticipant and a JabberListener to connect the Ruote engine to communicate with participants over XMPP.

With the help of Raphael Simon, I’m currently adding stronger error handling capabilities to Ruote. The current error journal mechanism is OK when you want to describe only the “happy path” in your process definition, but relies too much on administrator intervention.

I did a lot of work on making ruote-rest and ruote-web2 converge, especially in the way the present resources over HTTP (lots of linking work). Kenneth helped me with Ruote-rest and its authentication configuration.

I’d like to release 0.9.20 before the end of the year, I hope I can do it.

0.9.20 will be slightly incompatible with 0.9.19, what does it mean ? Simply that process instances started in a 0.9.19 engine cannot be migrated directly to a 0.9.20 engine, I strongly recommend starting new processes on a 0.9.20 engine and letting old 0.9.19 processes finish their lives in their 0.9.19 engine (else make sure to migrate successfully to a 0.9.20 test environment at first).

Many thanks to Diego, Kenneth and Raphael !

Written by John Mettraux

November 28, 2008 at 1:34 am

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