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Ruedas y Cervezas, first instance

“ruote” is the Italian for “wheels”. It’s the name of our ruby workflow engine. The name was proposed by Tomaso Tosolini, it stuck and we liked how people pronounced it “route” which is a good fit for a tool that routes work among participants.

If you translate “ruote” to Spanish you get “ruedas”. Add a thirsty community and you get “ruedas y cervezas”.

This event was organized and hosted by, a madrilenian company doing wonders with Java, JRuby, Scala and their blend of agile magic.

The meeting was divided in three parts. First, presented their work with ruote. They’ve bound it into their “Blue Mountain ERP” to drive the necessary business processes. Workitems are communicated to participants over XMPP. The platform is Java and the languages are JRuby and Scala. As you might have guessed, they run ruote on JRuby.

Then, Iván Martínez, student in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid presented his work on a graphical process editor for ruote. It’s based on Flex and looks very promising. The guys encouraged him to share his code on, I hope he will follow this suggestion.

For the part when people really get thirsty, I cooked up a bunch of slides about ruote 2.0. They were presented by Nando Sola. I have embedded them here. The first half of them is about why ruote 2.0, while the latter half is about the enhancements to the ruote process definition language.

I felt it was necessary to communicate a bit about ruote 2.0, especially since, in Madrid, people have tremendously contributed to ruote 0.9 (many thanks guys !). Ruote 2.0 is a small jump from 0.9, literally a jump, not a step, explanations are required.

Then beer ensued. A ruedas y cervezas (rc2) is planned for next month, I wish I could attend. So if you’re in Madrid and you’re interested in ruote or, less narrowly, in Ruby / JRuby / Scala / Java, contact Nando Sola and join the and UPM guys for the rc2.



Written by John Mettraux

October 15, 2009 at 10:35 am

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