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rocking the enterprise with ruby

“rocking the enterprise with ruby” is the name of the talk given by Munjal Budhabhatti and Sudhindra Rao at the RubyKaigi 2010. Munjal and Sudhindra are two ThoughtWorkers and their customer is Rackspace. Maybe I shouldn’t say customer, but rather “partner”.

While browsing the RubyKaigi’s program, I had noticed that their talk mentioned “business rules” and I was thinking to myself “there are things in this talk to learn for me as a ruote developer”. I attended the presentation and was quite surprised to learn that they’re using ruote. They especially indicated they had a provision process driven by ruote that they shrinked from 4 days to 18 minutes.

The talk enumerates the many details in the application which covers IP (4 and 6) automation and DNS automation. They’ve been delivering continuously, they’re building on Ruby, Rails, Ramaze and many other lesser known gems (ruote included) and they’re releasing open source libraries.

They had a funny anecdote : they were looking for a gem about a certain aspect of IP addresses and they found it on github, … and the developer was in the next cubicle.

The video of “rocking the enterprise with ruby” is available as well as the presentation slides.

When the talk was over, it was good fun to go over to the two speakers and introduce myself. They explained to me what they liked about ruote and how they sold it to their team. Ruote seems to fit nicely in their services and DSLs. I hope to meet them again to learn more.

It was then time to attend the following talks of the kaigi. It was a great event, too much to cover.


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August 30, 2010 at 1:49 am

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